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About Sarina

Sarina group has started its activities since 1990 which includes mining, stone processing in shape of slabs and tiles, importing and exporting. The subsidiaries of the group are Sarina Fartak Arad Co. and Sarina Fartak Co

Sarina Fartak Arad

Sarina Fartak Arad Co. is an International leading company in field of Natural Stone with bright reputation. Recently due to the increased demand on our products, SFA has been joined Sarina Fartak Co. as a corporate devision in importing and exporting stone in shape of Tiles, Blocks & Slabs. Our purpose is to offer the most beautiful range of Iranian stones with the highest quality and the best price to the customers. Todays SFA is one of the main supplier of a wide range of Iranian natural stones internationally. Constant quality control, rapid personalized response and optimum delivery worldwide have helped us earn our international reputation for reliability among the customers.

Sarina Fartak

Sarina Fartak company consists of a group of companies whose history of mining and processing dates back about three decades. The company was established by shozab Jabbari with the aim of exploring, extracting and processing all decorative stones throughout Iran. At the moment, the Sarina Fartak Company is composed of these quarries: Serishabad Onyx quarry, Dashkharman Onyx Quarry and Kuchetala Granite quarry. This group is one of the premier miners groups in Iran and now capable of supplying stone from medium to large scale projects in various countries. Sarina Fartak Company has registered in its workbook the exports to China, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Italy, Spain, Germany and Australia.